When State Unemployment Insurance is not Correct on Employee Checks

Written by admin on June 16, 2013

If the State Unemployment Insurance, otherwise referred to as SUI, does not calculate correctly on your employee’s paycheck, the following guidelines will help you determine what may be causing the error. The assumption this article takes is that your employee is already setup for SUI to be deducted from their paycheck and that you have downloaded the most current Payroll Tax Table in QuickBooks. If not, click this link before you proceed: http://www.qbexpress.com/how-to-download-the-most-current-payroll-tax-table-in-quickbooks.

There are numerous possible reasons why the State Unemployment Insurance does not calculate correctly on your employee’s check:

To resolve the issue:

Verify the State Employment Insurance is setup in an employee’s record by:

Verify you entered the right SUI rate:

Determine if a manual adjustment has been made to an SUI amount by looking at your Payroll Reports. A manual adjustment to SUI figures entered directly to a paycheck may cause errors in the calculation:

Make necessary corrections to your SUI wage base or tax amount:

If you have worked through all of the steps above and are still getting an error, contact our local QuickBooks expert in your area for help by clicking the Find a Trainer tab above.