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📊 How to Create Chart of Accounts Templates in QuickBooks Online Accountant 📊

Setting up a well-organized chart of accounts is crucial for accurate financial reporting and efficient bookkeeping. Here’s a quick guide to creating templates in QuickBooks Online Accountant: 📝 Steps to Create a Chart of Accounts Template: Log In: Access your QuickBooks Online Accountant account. 🔑 Navigate: Go to the ‘Accounting’ menu and select ‘Chart of […]

📈🔧 Maximizing Efficiency with QuickBooks Online Advanced Performance Center! 🔧📈

  Are you using QuickBooks Online Advanced and wondering how to make the most out of the Performance Center? Look no further! Here are some quick tips to get you started: 1. Customize Your Dashboards 🛠️ – Tailor your dashboards to fit your business needs. Choose the most relevant metrics to monitor performance at a […]

📊 Boost Your Efficiency with Spreadsheet Sync in QuickBooks Online Advanced! 📊

Wondering how to connect Spreadsheet Sync and run a report in QuickBooks Online Advanced? We’ve got you covered! 🚀 Here’s a simple guide to get you started: 1️⃣ Activate Spreadsheet Sync: Navigate to your QuickBooks Online Advanced dashboard and enable Spreadsheet Sync. This feature integrates your data seamlessly. 🔄 2️⃣ Connect Your Spreadsheet: Link your […]

If you’re using QuickBooks Online Advanced, we’ve got you covered with a powerful tool: Spreadsheet Sync! 📊💼

🚀 Ready to Set Up Your New Company? 🚀   Here’s a step-by-step guide to get you started: 1️⃣ Prepare Your Data: Gather all necessary information about your new company, including financial details, customer lists, and inventory. 🗂️ 2️⃣ Set Up Spreadsheet Sync: In QuickBooks Online Advanced, navigate to the Spreadsheet Sync feature. It’s your […]

Streamline Your Expense Management in QuickBooks Online 📊

Streamline Your Expense Management in QuickBooks Online 📊 Keeping track of business expenses is crucial for any successful company. QuickBooks Online (QBO) offers robust tools to help you manage your expenses efficiently. Here’s a detailed guide on how to set up your expense settings in QuickBooks Online, so you can save time and keep your […]

Master Your Sales Settings in QuickBooks Online: A Step-by-Step Guide 🌟

Master Your Sales Settings in QuickBooks Online: A Step-by-Step Guide 🌟 If you’re just starting out with QuickBooks Online or looking to optimize your sales process, setting up your sales settings correctly is crucial. This guide will walk you through the basics of configuring your QuickBooks Online to better track sales, manage invoices, and enhance […]

How to mark an old invoice (that has been paid) as paid without changing my bank balance in QuickBooks Online

Let’s delve into the realm of invoicing, a fundamental pillar in business operations. Here are some key insights gathered from our community: Applying Credits to Invoices: Credits play a vital role in reducing what customers owe, whether due to promotions or rewards. Here’s a step-by-step guide:Create a Credit Memo:Navigate to + New.Select Credit memo.Choose the […]

How to share custom reports with other account users in QuickBooks Online

Welcome back to our Top Five! In the realm of QuickBooks, effective management is key to business success. To assist you with your account-related queries, we’ve curated the most frequently asked questions from our Community members: Sharing Custom Reports:Sharing custom reports is a breeze in QuickBooks and an effective way to keep stakeholders informed. Follow […]

How to Remove a Company from my QuickBooks Online Profile that was created by mistake?

Need to remove a company from your QuickBooks profile due to an error? Here’s how:F   For Accounts Less Than 60 Days Old: Log in to your QuickBooks Online account. Change the URL to include /purgecompany (e.g., https://qbo.intuit.com/c28/app/homepage to https://qbo.intuit.com/c28/app/purgecompany). Review the summary of items to be deleted. Confirm deletion by typing YES and clicking […]

How Do I Perform a Month End Close in QuickBooks Online?

In this article, we’ll delve into the process of performing a month-end close in QuickBooks, a critical task for maintaining accurate financial records and ensuring the smooth operation of your business. Month-end close involves finalizing financial transactions for the month and preparing for the next accounting period. Now, let’s walk through the steps to close […]

How to Run a Report in QuickBooks Online of All Invoices Created Last Month

In this article, we’ll discuss how to run a report in QuickBooks that shows all invoices created within a specific time period, such as the last month. By generating this report, you can gain insights into your invoicing activities and track your business’s financial performance more effectively. To begin, we’ll utilize the Sales by Customer […]

How to Invite my Accountant to my QuickBooks Online File?

Welcome back to our Top Five roundup! Managing the ins and outs of QuickBooks is crucial for the smooth operation of any business. To address some of the most common inquiries regarding your account, we’ve compiled the top questions from our Community: 1.How do I share custom reports with other users on my account? Sharing […]

How to apply credits to an invoice in QuickBooks Online

Let’s dive into the world of invoices! 📝 Invoicing is a cornerstone of business, and there’s always more to learn. That’s why we’ve rounded up some of the most common invoicing questions from our community. Let’s jump right in: How do I apply credits to an invoice? Create a credit memo and apply it to […]

How to Tag Transactions in QuickBooks Online

Discover the Power of Tags in Managing Your Sales and Expenses Unlock deeper insights into your financial transactions by leveraging tags and group tags effectively in QuickBooks Online. Tags serve as customizable labels, allowing you to track transactions in a way that aligns with your business needs. Whether it’s invoices, expenses, or bills, tags provide […]

Cashflow in Times of Stress

The COVID-19 Crisis has caused widespread uncertainty in the economy and greatly disrupted normal business activity.  It’s safe to say that small businesses are currently struggling during this unique and stressful time; most are experiencing either significant falloff of revenue or a complete shutdown of their business. With reduced or nonexistent revenue, businesses may to […]

QBExpress Update: COVID-19

QBExpress, effective immediately, is working from a virtual environment in totality. The health and safety of our staff, as well as our clients has always, and will always be our top priority, but we will continue to serve our members should they need us, while also doing our part to bend the curve. Most of […]

Four Reasons Why You Should Outsource Accounting

Very few small business owners have a background in accounting. The modern complexity of running a business requires strong strategic planning at all times; it is often in these exciting moments of growth, that one of the most important aspects of a successful business can be overlooked: bookkeeping. As a small business owner you’ve kept […]

Mobile Feature Updates from QuickBooks Online

So many new updates and rollouts recently from QuickBooks. Some updates include health benefit changes in QuickBooks Payroll itself, note-ably, premiums are now tax-deductible. This streamline process makes it so much easier to get your employees the insurance they need. Visual improvements to order ambien amb 10 mg invoices are also new, being able to […]

Conversations You Should Have With Your Clients

by Sandra Larson from Insightful Accountant Most new small business advisors ask themselves, “How can I help businesses develop better financial strategies? What do I need to know?” Well, accountants are arguably the most reliable people when it comes to various business issues, from financial forecasting to taxes, to so much more. Aside from professional knowledge, one needs to […]

10 Ways Entrepreneurs Waste Money on Accounting and Stifle Growth

Accounting Best Practices Ignored: 10 Ways Entrepreneurs Waste Money on Accounting and Stifle Growth Entrepreneurs often view accounting like eating broccoli – they know it’s good for them but terribly unpleasant. The goal is to power through without gagging or thinking about it too much. That is unfortunate because effective accounting is a quiet ingredient […]

What’s New in QuickBooks Online – March 2019

What’s the old adage about March? In like a lion, out like a lamb. Pshhh. Whoever said that had never dealt with tax season. For help taming this busy time, check out our latest QuickBooks® Online update. We only have one new feature this month, but it’s a biggie. Our new Project Profitability tool helps small business owners […]

Project Cost Estimation: Templates, Tools, and More!

So you’re starting a new project. Great! Business is booming! But how do you estimate how long this project will take to complete? Five hours? Five days? How much will it cost your business to perform this work? Are there any good buy ambien online opportunity costs associated with taking on this new project or […]

Accounting Mistakes That Will Kill Your Small Business

Very few small business owners have a background in accounting. But all small business owners need to learn how to manage their business’s finances correctly and efficiently in order to be successful in the long term. Most of the accounting mistakes made by business owners are easy to correct, but can cause major problems if […]

Preparing For The End Of Your Fiscal Year

The end of the year isn’t just a time for family and holiday celebrations; it is also the end of the fiscal year for many businesses. Keeping accurate financial records is important all year long, but it is especially important as your fiscal year comes to a close. Your business can end up in some […]

Four Things Every New Business Owner Needs To Know About Taxes

Starting a new business is equal parts exhilarating and exhausting. With so much to worry about and put together it is easy to assume the IRS isn’t paying a lot of attention to a brand new small business. This is a dangerous assumption and couldn’t be farther from the truth. It is imperative that you […]

Why QuickBooks Is A Must For All Small Businesses

Keeping accurate financial records is essential for all small businesses no matter what industry you operate in. Disorganized or inaccurate financial records will not only make you unattractive to potential investors and lenders, but it can also make it difficult for you to file your taxes, and could lead to IRS tax penalties. Using QuickBooks […]

Five Simple Ways To Help Your Small Business Grow

One of the biggest fears of all small business owners is that their business won’t grow and will ultimately fail. In fact, nearly 75 percent of all small businesses are run by one employee, the business owner, and it can feel nearly impossible to get past that point. Continued growth is necessary for any business […]

How Healthy Is Your Cash Flow?

As a business owner it is your job to understand the true health of your business at all times. And if you can’t explain your cash flow using hard numbers, you don’t have the knowledge necessary to run your business effectively. The most profitable businesses have systems in place to ensure they understand how healthy […]

How To Run Your Small Business On The Go

It is becoming more common for small business owners to look for options to run their companies without keeping a traditional office space. This has become more feasible thanks to technological advancements, such as smartphones, tablets and mobile apps. Choosing to forgo an office can save your business big money on overhead costs, plus it […]

What You Need To Know About The CAN-SPAM Act

In today’s digitally centered world many businesses use email marketing to reach out to potential new customers. What you might not realize is there are laws associated with promoting your business or products through electronic communication. And if you fail to adhere to the laws in place you could be hit with some major penalties. […]

How To Protect Your Business From Internet Outages

In today’s cloud-based world most small businesses rely heavily on the Internet to conduct their day-to-day business. And when your Internet fails or you face an Internet outage it can mean big problems, including a large loss of revenue. The good news is you can protect your business from costly Internet outages by having the […]

Seven Important Facts About Money

The financial management side of running a business is often the most intimidating part of entrepreneurship. Many small business owners open their businesses despite having any kind of a background in financial accounting. The lack of knowledge related to business finances can make money management a difficult task. Here are seven important facts about money […]

Five Facts About Federal Income Taxes That Affect New Small Businesses

Most new small business owners assume they are safe from facing an IRS audit before their business even begins turning a real profit. Unfortunately this assumption is completely false. In reality, the IRS has targeted numerous brand new small businesses for audits recently and you need to be prepared in case you become one of […]

How To Process Payroll Effectively

It is nearly impossible to process payroll effectively without an understanding of what payroll really is. A basic definition of payroll is the total wage paid by a business to its workers. Typically your payroll is your largest and most complicated monthly expense. Payroll is complicated because it is more than just the wage your […]

4 Tips For Managing Your Business Finances

For many entrepreneurs and small business owners managing their business’s finances is their least favorite task. Keeping track of all of your financial data coupled with pulling reports and analyzing your cash flow can be daunting, especially for those who don’t excel in math. The good news is you don’t have to be a financial […]

7 Revenue Projection Mistakes You Can’t Afford To Make

Revenue projections are critical to the success of any business. Accurate projections not only help you plan for the future and secure investor funding, but they can also be used to keep track of your success. However, bad revenue projections can be detrimental to your business and your future success. Here are 7 revenue projection […]

4 Reasons Why Excel Shouldn’t Be Used For Accounting

For many small businesses an Excel spreadsheet is their go-to for business accounting. They use the sample business budgets and other pre-made formulas to keep track of their business finances. This might seem like a great option because Excel is typically free to use, but it is actually a dangerous decision for the future of […]

7 Reasons All Small Businesses Should Hire An Accountant

The vast majority of small business owners waste hundreds of hours a year attempting to manage their business finances, which can be incredibly frustrating. You will be doing yourself a big favor by hiring a small business accountant to be a part of your team. Here are 7 reasons all small businesses should hire an […]

Three Simple Ways To Prepare For A Minimum Wage Increase

States across the United States are passing legislation to increase the minimum wage. The federal minimum wage hasn’t budged from $7.25 per hour since 2009, but states from Washington to South Dakota, California and Alaska are raising their own standards. Many states are now paying their lowest paid employees at least $15 per hour. With […]

4 Signs You Need To Change Your Business Structure

 Nearly 75 percent of small businesses are structured as sole proprietorships. This is because, in general, sole proprietorships are easy and inexpensive to form and maintain, and you won’t be required to separate your business and individual tax returns. But despite these great benefits, a sole proprietorship can actually hold you back as your business […]

The Pros And Cons Of Scaling Your Business

Running a small business is both filled with joy and worry. As your business enjoys success you might start to consider opening additional locations or broadening your products or services. Before you make the jump to expand lets take a look at some of the pros and cons of scaling your business. First, lets start […]

How To Set Up A Contract With Help From QuickBooks

Working for a client without using a contract is a quick way to get into big financial trouble. Having a contract in place is not only essential to ensure you get paid for all of your hard work, but it can also help you get paid more quickly. That’s why this article will go over […]

5 Items To Add To Your To-Do List Before Busy Season Begins

As the weather outside gets nicer your thoughts might drift to your summer travel plans, but there are 5 items to add to your to-do list before busy season begins for your business. This is especially important as the National Retail Federation predicts that retail sales will pick up dramatically later this year. Here are […]

10 Tips To Help You Cut Down On Business Expenses

Whether you have been in business for years or you are just getting started, money can be hard to come by. Here are 10 tips to help you cut down on business expenses and maximize your profit margin: Skip The Snail Mail  Save on the high cost of snail mail by communicating electronically with your […]

Should You Include Finance Charges On Your Customer Invoices?

If you have customers that perpetually miss the payment deadline you might be wondering if you should include finance charges on your customer invoices. Many business owners opt out of this policy due to fear that a customer might become angry and refuse to do business in the future. However, the reality is that customers […]

Should You Be Tracking Mileage?

Whether you drive your personal car frequently for business or only occasionally, you might be wondering if you should be tracking your mileage. Claiming a deduction for mileage can be a simple way to get a break on your taxes. However, the IRS is known to flag mileage deductions for audits because there are rigid […]

How To Easily Prepare Taxes When You Work For Yourself

Being your own boss has some big benefits, but it also comes with some difficulties – especially when it comes to your taxes. This article will focus on how to easily prepare taxes when you work for yourself. The first thing you need to know is what forms you need to file. Here is a […]

3 Steps To Getting Financing For Your Small Business

For most entrepreneurs securing financing for their business is at the top of their list of concerns. Here are 3 steps to getting financing for your small business: Prepare The first step you need to take in order to get financing for your business is to begin separating your business finances from your personal finances. […]

Preparing A 1099 For Independent Contractors

Tax season is coming up fast and now is the time to begin preparing 1099 forms for your independent contractors. Any contactor that has received $600 or more in payments from you will need to be issued IRS Form 1099-MISC for their taxes. While this process might seem complicated, you will find that it is […]

Invoicing: How To Get Paid More Quickly

One of the keys to running a successful business is the ability to invoice in a way that gets you paid more quickly. Cash is king and without consistent cash flow, your company will almost certainly go out of business. The bottom line is you can’t pay the overhead costs that keep your business running […]