How to Sync a Company File with Online Services-Intuit Sync Manager

Written by admin on April 12, 2013

The Intuit Sync Manager is a convenient tool to synchronize the data in your company file in QuickBooks® with other Intuit online services. After you purchase a subscription to any services requiring access to data in your QuickBooks Intuit Sync Managercompany file, proceed through a simple setup procedure to get your company file ready for sync. In the process of the sync set up, you will be required to select one of your Intuit Accounts in which to log in. In addition, you might also need to go into the Intuit AppCenter and choose the applications you are subscribed to and want to use with the QuickBooks company file. Use your login for the Intuit Account you used when you purchased the online subscription you are going to sync with your company data file.

How to use the Intuit Sync Manager:

It is critical to note that the Intuit Sync Manager won’t work with copies or backups of your QuickBooks company file that you want to sync. You will need an exact file that you previously setup by using the “Setup Intuit Sync Manager” menu item in order to successfully synchronize with online services from Intuit.

Prior to performing the procedures listed below, turn on the QuickBooks update to make sure you are running the most current version of the Intuit Sync Manager.

Step One – Log in as Admin and Select the item Setup Intuit Sync Manager in your QuickBooks menu. In the 2013 version of QuickBooks, go to File/Setup Intuit Sync Manager. In a 2012 or earlier version of QuickBooks, go to Online Solutions (or Online Services depending on the version) and choose Setup Intuit Sync Manager.

Note: If the Setup Sync Manager is not available and you logged into the system as Admin, it could be because your company data file is corrupt or that you have previously setup Intuit Sync Manager for this specific file. If this is the case, in QuickBooks 2013 Sync in your File menu will show. In QuickBooks 2012 or earlier you will see Manage Services in the Online Solutions (or Online Services) menu.

Step Two: In the login window, sign in with the Intuit Account you used to subscribe to the add-on(s). The window should display the Intuit AppCenter and the application to which you are subscribed.

Note: Applications to which you are subscribed that do not utilize any of your QuickBooks data will not appear.

Step Three: Click on Start Sync Now

Step Four: The Intuit Sync Manager will now begin the upload of your QuickBooks company file data to the online services you subscribed to and will let you know when the action is complete. It works in the background, so you will not encounter any problems if you want to continue working in QuickBooks.

Note: Once the setup is complete, the menu item Setup Intuit Sync Manager will not appear as a menu item in QuickBooks.

Once finished, to access your Intuit Sync Manager:

If you are using QuickBooks 2013, go to File/Sync/Launch Intuit Sync Manager

If you are using QuickBooks 2012 or an earlier version for either QuickBooks Premier or Pro, go to Online Services/Manage Services/Launch Intuit Sync Manager

If you are using QuickBooks 2012 or an earlier version of QuickBooks Enterprise, go to Online Solutions/Manage Solutions/Launch Intuit Sync Manager

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