How to Use the QuickBooks Loan Manager – Part Two

Written by admin on April 2, 2013

Adding your Loan to Loan ManagerQuickBooks Loan Manager

Now that you have completed the necessary action steps in QuickBooks outlined in How to Use QuickBooks Loan Manager part one, you are ready to set up your loan in your QuickBooks Loan Manager.

The following screen will be titled Enter payment info for this loan:

The following screen is titled Enter interest info for the loan:

If you need to change information that was entered when you first set the loan up, simply click on Edit loan details to change information. Click on the Payment Schedule to review your amortization schedule.

To make a payment on the loan, click on Set up payment:

To analyze various loan scenarios you can use the What if tool.

If you still have additional questions or are having any problems with the QuickBooks Loan Manager or any other aspect of QuickBooks, click the Find a Trainer link above for information on our QuickBooks expert in your area.