How to Use the QuickBooks Attached Document Service

Written by admin on May 13, 2013

A QuickBooks attached document is part of specific QuickBooks® software versions that is available at an extra cost. Business owners use this special feature to attach a variety of documents inside the QuickBooks program. This feature took the place of the Document Management service that was part of the QuickBooks 2010 version. The feature is only offered with newer versions and if you would like to use this feature, we recommend you contact our local QuickBooks ProAdvisor in your area for advice and help.

Limits for Attached Documents

The old Document Management service had limits related to the amount of storage that could be utilized. The QuickBooks attached document service has a different structure of limits; its limits are based on the quantity of items that are attached to a list item or another type of transaction. Prices for the new service at the time of publication are as follows, but it is important to speak with a QuickBooks ProAdvisor for current pricing as of today:

Advantages of QuickBooks Attached Document Service

The QuickBooks attached document service allows business owners to directly integrate documents that are inside of the QuickBooks program. If a bill for a vendor is in a PDF version, it can be directly sent as an attachment to the specific transaction to which it relates and is recorded in QuickBooks. The documents are kept in storage on the program’s secure servers and can be accessed with a simple Internet connection. This is particularly helpful for organizations that have business operations in multiple cities. Accountants and management can exchange a variety of documents as needed, including documents that are needed for audits. This connection between an attached file and an accounting transaction allows management to be more productive with all of the necessary information saved in one location. Other types of storage systems do not provide the same benefits because a program user must have an independent link that is associated with a file name and an accounting transaction.

If you need assistance with the new QuickBooks attached document service, contact our QuickBooks ProAdvisor in your area for more information by clicking the “Find a Trainer” link above.

For a list of questions and answers about QuickBooks attached documents, visit this link on the Intuit QuickBooks Support website: