How to Simplify Printing Checks in QuickBooks

Written by admin on July 14, 2013

Printing checks in QuickBooks is much simpler than it was when accounting software was first made available. Early checks had the problems of not lining up correctly and being expensive. While print checks in quickbooksonline banking has eliminated the need for printing checks for some businesses, precision is still necessary when businesses choose to print their checks from QuickBooks software. QuickBooks offers a set of tools to help business owners who want to print checks in QuickBooks. Follow these steps to simplify the process.

  1. Ensure that you are using standard checks, rather than payroll checks. Complete this step by clicking on the “Write Checks” icon from the Banking/Write Checks menu on the home page.
  2. Establish a default account for the writing check function by clicking on the “Company Preferences” option. Check boxes in order to activate the options that populate from this screen.
  3. Change the appearance of your checks by clicking on File/Printer Setup/ Check/PayCheck. Choose the printer options and select style. Change the fonts in specific fields and change the printing style. You can also add the name and address of your company, along with its logo and signature image. Make sure that your printer has an adequate amount of ink before you start a print job.
  4.  A specific printer may be used for this specific purpose if you plan to print a high quantity of checks.
  5. Never leave your blank checks in the printer.
  6. Check how your printer prints, such as whether it goes in reverse order or prints the last page before other pages. Modify the printer’s property setting or load printer paper in order to accommodate the printer’s printing style. Another option to handle this issue is by altering the check numbers that you use for QuickBooks. This can be accomplished by going to Lists/Chart of Accounts and then opening the checkbook register to alter them.
  7. Check that the numbers for your check number that is queued in the printer matches the number listed in the field named “First Check Number.”
  8. Click the “Print Later” or “To be printed” link if you plan to write multiple checks that you want to print at a later time. When it’s time for printing, select File/Print Forms/Checks to make a new window open. Make sure that you uncheck items that you do not wish to print in order to remove them from the batch job. If you notice an error during the batch printing job process, hit the Esc key.
  9. If you ruined a check or several checks, begin again by altering the First Check Number so that it matches with the starting number located on a new batch of blank checks. If your accounting protocol does not allow you to do this, choose a name and account and list zero dollars beside the value of the check. Follow by manually voiding the checks. Click on the account from the Banking/Use Register option. Continue by highlighting the specific transaction and selecting the edit option to void them.

Printing checks in QuickBooks can be one of the more complicated features that QuickBooks offers. Contact our local QuickBooks expert in your area if you are having trouble with printing checks or any other feature in QuickBooks.