How to Import a QuickBooks Online Banking File

Written by admin on March 4, 2013

This “Import File” tutorial is for those who want to import a QB online banking WebConnect file into QuickBooks for Windows

QuickBooks online banking is a powerful business tool that can save a business owner untold time QuickBooks online bankingand money when used correctly. That being said, the first time you attempt to conduct an import of a QuickBooks online banking WebConnect file (files that have a .qbo extension), you may have a few questions. Try the detailed instructions below, and do not hesitate to call our QuickBooks consultant in your area to answer any additional questions you may have and to get the comprehensive QuickBooks help you need.

What is a WebConnect file?

WebConnect is a method that allows a person to download transactions from their financial institution(s) directly into the appropriate account register in their financial software such as QuickBooks®. WebConnect is now supported by most banks and requires a user to first download the data file to their own computer; it is then either opened automatically by their financial software or users can initiate the data import into the software directly from the file. WebConnect is a very useful tool as it allows a user to select a range of transaction dates to be downloaded.

Instructions to Import a WebConnect file to QuickBooks for Windows

To import online banking transactions using a WebConnect file:

If you encounter any problems, call our QuickBooks consultant in your area for help!