How to Customize QuickBooks Point of Sale to Match your Work Flow

Written by admin on July 6, 2013

Customized work flow in your QuickBooks Point of Sale software means your work is never slowed down. When you have unused display columns, navigational aids and features, you can be held back from working at top speed. Learn how QuickBooks POSto make some modifications in order to speed up your work and save you time.

If you’ve ever used any type of software accounting program, you are aware that most have many more features than you actually ever use or in some cases need. Most business owners just ignore these features due to a lack of understanding of what benefits they can provide.

When it comes to QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS), it is important to streamline the process; small steps to customize the program can result in large efficiency gains. The best and easiest way to speed up the process is to modify QuickBooks POS to be as lightweight as possible. Any changes you make to the QuickBooks work flow are reversible.

Some of the ways you can streamline your QuickBooks Point of Sale experience include: only displaying the buttons you use; changing the column layout and content in lists; customizing workstation preferences; getting rid of tools you don’t use; creating customized fields; and changing the way list information panels display.

To display just the navigation buttons you commonly use, right-click on any of the action buttons and choose “Customize columns.” You can then check or uncheck those options for actions you’d like to complete. Anything left unchecked will not display.

To change the column layout and content in lists, right-click on the field label row and choose “Customize columns.” You can then check or uncheck the labels as we outlined in the previous step. If you’d like to customize the width of a column, hold your cursor over the vertical line beside the label and look for the bi-directional arrow to appear. Click and drag it to increase or decrease the width of the label. You also have the option to drag and drop column labels to a location that is more convenient for you.

To customize your workstation preferences, go to File>Preferences>Workstation to change settings such as printing, automatic updating, and hardware.

To get rid of tools you never use, go to File>Preferences>Company>General. You’ll see a “Select features to use” box where you can then check or uncheck boxes to turn them on and off.

To create customized fields, go to File>Preferences>General>My Field Labels. You can then enter the new names you’d prefer: just click in the box beside one and type in the name, then hit “Save.”

To change the way list information panels display, open the list you want to change and double-click on an entry to open the box. Now click either “Customize panel order” or “Customize this window,” depending on the POS version you are using.

Most of QuickBooks POS customization options are easy to perform and are set up to help you streamline your QuickBooks Point of Sale work flow. If you need more help, click on the Find a Trainer tab for contact info for your local QuickBooks trainer.