How to Backup QuickBooks

Written by admin on February 19, 2013

How to backup QuickBooks is a question we encounter on a daily basis; QuickBooks backup is a vital task that needs to be done on a consistent basis as there are few things stored on your computer that are as important as your QuickBooks® data file. This file has vital numbers describing your business’s most intimate information, data you need to make wise business decisions. As many of us can attest first hand, it is well worth adding a QuickBooks backup process and procedure to your business processes in order to avoid extreme stress and unnecessary costs down the road.  Lucky for you, backing up your data file is fairly painless and can be accomplished in a few simple steps.

How to backup QuickBooks:QuickBooks backup

  1. Under “Choose File” click “Create Copy”

This will give you options to save a backup of your QB file, make a portable company file, or create a copy for your accountant. You will choose to save a backup copy.

  1. Click “Save a Backup Copy”

From here you will be able to create a full back up or a portable company file. The portable file has advantages and disadvantages. It will be easier to move the file around since it is a much smaller file, however it will take time to compress and decompress the file when creating or opening. This file type is recommended for those who will be emailing the file to others. Once you choose the file type and click next, you will see the save copy or backup box. From here you will choose to either save the file to your computer, server, or to an offsite QuickBooks data center. Under the “Options” tab you will be able to choose your backup file location.

  1. Select your “Backup Options”

This step is optional but can be very helpful for future backups. Under options, you may add timestamps to your backup file to help specify when the backup was created. “Limiting backup copies” will tell QuickBooks when to delete old backup files; simply choose how many backups you wish to keep and QuickBooks will automatically delete old backups. You will be able to set backup reminders for yourself that can be customized to fit your business and keep you on top of backing up QuickBooks on a regular basis. Another option is “Data Verification” that has QuickBooks check your numbers for accuracy whenever you do a backup; always a good idea.

  1. Once you have chosen your backup location and customized your options, click “Next”.

This will prompt you to decide when to back up; you can customize this to best suit your needs and schedule regular backups. Choose your options and click “Finish”.

If you have additional questions on how to backup QuickBooks, simply click on “Find a Trainer” above for information on a skilled and experienced QuickBooks Pro Advisor in your area who will be happy to walk you through the process.