How to Add a Special Order Item to a Sales Order in QuickBooks POS

Written by admin on June 16, 2013

A few steps are necessary to add a special order item in QuickBooks. First, the user must begin while the sales order is open. On the POS toolbar, click on the button named “Sales Order.” If this button is not present, it may be that you have not configured your toolbar and will need to do so for future transactions. The next step involves clicking on the selection on the “I Want To . . .” menu that says “New Special Order Item.”

From this new menu selection, choose a department name and a name for the item under the tab entitled “Item Info.” You may want to add additional information, such as the regular price and order cost. No information should be input regarding the average unit cost or the on hand quantity because the item is not standard and will not usually be in stock. You may have additional information to add in the tabs entitled “Additional Info” and Custom.” Then click on the option marked “Save and Select” so that the item will be added to the sales order.

For a sample transaction worth $200 at the regular price, select the customer that the sales order will be prepared for in the section entitled “Customer Info,” which is located at the bottom of the screen for the POS. Select a save or print option. If you need to take a deposit for the special order item, click on “Take Deposit / Payment” from the menu that populates. Input the amount of the deposit, such as $200 for the full price. Click “OK” and then input information in the selection “Amount Tendered” beside the type of tender. Next, click on the button “Accept Payment.” The customer will then be able to see the balance due that is listed on the Sales Order.

This information can help you to complete the portion of the sale necessary that relates to the customer who wants to order a special order item. However, there are other steps that are necessary to complete to push the order through regarding the vendor, inventory and recording the sale to the customer. If you need assistance with handling a special order item or other features of the QuickBooks program, contact our local QuickBooks ProAdvisor in your area for further assistance with these matters. For more great QuickBooks tips, visit the QBExpress blog.