Become a Networking Pro

Written by admin on August 30, 2013

LinkedIn provides an effective method of making connections with people in different industries, and using networking tips can help you fully optimize the site. Once you establish connections on the site, you may discover that you have unleashed amazing opportunities for your small business. These connections may help you to raise funds for your business or make a big deal.

However, LinkedIn has many users. You must differentiate yourself as a professional in an effective and assertive manner. Here are some networking tips that are provided by LinkedIn experts and leaders of the business world to get you started:

Establish an immediate goal – Even though you want to make goals that you can get started on immediately, you also want to consider your long-term objectives when setting your goals. Connections may derive from unusual places. For example, you could connect with a person during a networking event who is not in your same industry. However, he or she may have connections with a person who is in your industry who could be a good link for you. Think about these long-term goals and don’t ignore someone who may not seem relevant to you at the time. These people may be the key to your future success.

Talk first – Although you are interested in making contacts that can help you advance your business, it’s important to focus on the human element first. Find some common ground with a potential contact before worrying about using the person for his or her connections. Compliment the person’s work and send an InMail before sending an invitation to connect.

Focus on quality – It is more important to establish strong connections with fewer people or businesses than it is to create superficial contacts with more. Use the time and energy necessary to build strong relationships.

Identify networking hubs – Pay attention to important people that can open the doors to a larger client pool by connecting with one person in a hub.

Demonstrate your worth – Show a potential contact how valuable you and your business are in order to develop a successful relationship. Help the individual achieve his or her own goals by connecting them with your own contacts or share knowledge on a shared topic. The person may then reciprocate and do the same for you.

Get out of your office – Although the other networking tips listed her allow you to make connections with people through LinkedIn and other online tools, nothing beats making real, in-person contact with other people in the community. You can always follow up with a meeting on LinkedIn after the in-person contact.