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Profit Improvement Process for the Small Manufacturer

A Step by Step Process to Guide Small Manufacturing Clients to a Better Bottom Line

Click the button to download the order form. Please return the form by fax to 615-301-6547 or by email to darrell@qbexpress.com. If you have any questions about the module or program, please call Darrell at 1-855-723-9773 ext 704.

The Profit Improvement Process for the Small Manufacturer will help with the following areas:

  • Generating competitive, timely and profitable quotes that do not leave money on the table
  • Tracking actual costs against each work order
  • Improving inventory turns through visibility to slow moving inventory
  • Improving manufacturing throughput through visibility to production bottlenecks
  • Tracking work in progress accurately

Much much more…

Sample of the Manufacturing PIP Module


More Information about what PIP can do for you!

Business owners are looking for proactive business consulting, getting the accountant’s opinion. There is a huge demand for business consulting, but there is a disconnect between the business owner and the accountant because the industry has over complicated the process. QBExpress has tackled this disconnect by providing a series of modules through our Profit Improvement Process that provides a DOABLE system of implementing Best Practices. The idea is to help your client focus on those two or three action steps that will have the biggest impact on their business creating tangible results.

  • Change the statistic that 76% of business owners are looking for a new Accountant at any one time
  • Develop a high dollar year-round revenue stream for Accountants
  • Create a “DOABLE” system to help business owners improve company performance
  • Simplify and systemize monthly consulting services
  • Solve the huge communication gap between accountants and business owners

In short, the Profit Improvement Process will help you provide your clients a high value service that creates real results in their bottom line.


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QBExpress developed the Manufacturing module of our PIP service by working with the industry experts at Exact Online. The knowledgeable and experienced staff at Exact know how to solve those issues specific to the Manufacturing business.

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