Profit Improvement Process

Profit Improvement Process

Finally – A System To Give Your Clients Exactly What They Want

Recent surveys indicate 76% of business owners change accountants at least once for the exact same reason…they are not proactive with their advice. We are not talking about taking your client out for coffee or sending a birthday card; all good client relations touches, but not what a business owner means by “proactive”.

They want your knowledge of numbers. Business owners want you to teach them how to use their financial data to improve company performance.

Let’s face it, accountants think differently and we do not always know how to communicate our knowledge in BUSINESS OWNER LANGUAGE. If we did, 76% would not be searching for new accountants. Your clients want to understand the information their numbers provide, but without getting an accounting degree.

Profit Improvement Process Accountants vs. Reactive Accountants are building wealth in their business. YOU CAN TOO!

Over the past year QBExpress, went straight to business owners to get a clearly defined picture of what they expect, want and need from their accountants. Here is what we learned – it is time for you get to back to basics doing what you know and love – making sense of numbers. So how do you communicate your knowledge in language a business owner can understand and turn it into a monthly profit center?

Implement a Clearly Defined System

Never lose another client because you are “Reactive” and not “Client Active”. Our Profit Improvement Process System is a step-by-step process that makes it easy for you to deliver a monthly or quarterly service to clients that will far exceed their expectations and create a consistent, high dollar revenue stream. You can mean the difference between success and failure for a small business client. MAKE THE DIFFERENCE.

  • Marketing materials introducing the service to existing clients and cold prospects. We understand most accountants are uncomfortable with sales and all of our materials are well within your comfort zone. Materials include letters and other direct mail pieces, email, social media posts and timelines, internet marketing and far more.12 Monthly topics (can be grouped and delivered as a quarterly engagement- a total of 36 topics will be delivered) focused on critical areas of the business. We have integrated the financial intelligence dashboard that makes it easy to access all relevant data from one screen, thus streamlining your delivery of the service.
  • Monthly topics include Understanding Financial Statements, Budget Creation, Accounts Receivable and Collections, Accounts Payable, Expense Reduction, Sales Projections, Cash Flow Management, Fixed Assets, Debt, Inventory, Payroll, Human Resources, and the list goes on.
  • Each topic has checklists, exactly where to go and what to show your client in their software, how to explain ratios, numbers they should be tracking, how to spot trends, etc. It also includes videos of an accountant actually delivering each monthly service to give you a clear picture and ideas on how to deliver the highest possible value to the client.


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