Client Boarding

New Client Onboarding Process and Procedures

Increase client satisfaction and drop MORE to your bottom line

As fellow Accountants, we all know we would drop more to the bottom line if we had clearly defined client onboarding process and procedures in place. BUT WHO HAS TIME? The QBExpress Network of Accounting Firms and Bookkeeping Services hired top professionals in the industry to create easy to use (and edit) checklists to save both time and money.

These checklists were created by Accountants and Process Specialists and are now available to those outside the QBExpress network. They are very detailed as well as comprehensive. The checklists have been created in WORD documents for ease of customization and include, but are no way limited to (There are more than 20 in all):

  • Initial Meeting Checklist
  • Needs Assessment Checklist
  • Task Sequencing
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Accounts Receivable Checklist
  • Payroll Setup Checklist
  • Tax Return Checklist

By taking this ONE doable step, putting process and procedures in place for when a new client is brought into the firm, you establish best practices in many areas of your business. For example, the Letter of Engagement clearly defines expectations and prevents engagement creep, includes your AR policy of advanced payment so you no longer need to carry a big AR, tracks all work in progress through your firm for increased efficiency and higher profit margins and more!

Sample Table of Contents

Reduce the CHAOS that bringing on a new client can introduce into your firm by taking a few minutes to make these checklists “your own”.

Click the button to download the order form. Please return the form by fax to 615-301-6547 or by email to If you have any questions about the module or program, please call Darrell at 1-855-723-9773 ext 704.